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BulkText is all about getting the text metrics that empower businesses and accelerate growth.



BulkTexts goal is to be the worlds best revenue centric text/lead autoresponder that makes it simple for entrepreneurs to get clear actionable revenue metrics from their text marketing that enable explosive growth.



We are a winning oriented team, focused on simplifying businesses ability to understand revenue metrics from their leads that enable result oriented decisions to accelerate business growth.


is a company that arose from an itch that our founder could not quite seem to scratch. Text and lead based marketing that creates growth comes down to just one simple equation.This is being able generate more revenue from a lead than it costs to acquire. If a business can get leads for X and the long term value/revenue (LTV) from the leads is 2X from the business can scale limitlessly and growing becomes straight forward.

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BulkText is about getting the metrics that make it easy for every business to become a hero in their industry.

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